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Glimpse by MarauderNumber5

Rating: PG-13. Created: September 22nd, 2009. Updated: July 4th, 2014. Read Reviews (163)
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A/N: So these are all just little snippets that came to me and since I didn’t know how to elaborate on them, or fit them into another story, I decided to start a drabble collection!


Fight for me.

He distances himself from her.

She tells him that the only way he can have her is if he fights for her.

Fights for her like he used to.

He refuses to do it all again, his heart is already torn.

She tells him that if he really ever wanted her he’d fight for her.

Something breaks inside him, and he gives her a piece of his mind- saying that he has always loved her more than anything and that she was too blind to see it, always picking the wrong guys when he was there waiting for her.

He tells her one last time that she has lost her chance.

And that is when she gives up completely.

A/N: This came to me oneday a while ago, and I just stumbled across it again today, and seeing as I couldn’t fit it in anywhere, I decided to post it here!

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