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Brothers by The Owl Post StaffCrystalline

Rating: G. Created: February 6th, 2009. Updated: March 30th, 2009. Read Reviews (2)
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Living with James is like a holiday from reality. Everyday, it’s laughter, and jokes, and grins that don’t fade. Dawn to dusk. Dusk to dawn. Laugh until you cry. Everyday, there is no mention of fights, or betrayals, or disownment.


Sirius is happy there, in the sun where there is nothing but him and James, the boy he loves more than anyone in the world because he is his best friend, the one person who would stand at his back unconditionally.


Twelve o’ clock, the witching hour, a cloak, wand in hand, a bruise forming darkly on a finely-boned cheek. Rain. Pillow, towel, toothbrush, here, take the bed. Silence. Sirius will never forget his gratitude to the boy with messy hair and crooked glasses for giving him that long night’s vigil of silence, as tears were stifled into a pillow. Splish, splash.


All smiles the next morning. It’s like it never happened. Dorea doesn’t do much more than raise an eyebrow, and dish up another plate of bacon. Puts it in front of him, eat up. James announces, “Sirius came over last night. He’ll be staying with us now.”


And just like that, he was one of them. He doesn’t think he’ll ever love anyone more.


They make it easy on him, makes it feels like as though he’s jumped off a 50-storey building, only to land on soft, white feathers. But summer ends someday, and when the light dimmed in the darkening sky, he had to tell them. “My uncle left me some money when he croaked it last month,” Sirius remarks casually to James one afternoon in April. “I’ll be getting an apartment for next summer. A pad in Hogsmeade near Zonko’s.” He tosses a nonchalant grin over his shoulder at James, pretends it doesn’t matter.


“What the hell for? You know we love having you.” The look on James’s face is an amalgam of baffled and angry, and it warms his heart. Here, here is someone who would fight for him, who would want him to stay. Here, he matters more than a name.


“Yeah yeah, whatever. It’s just that we’re getting older you know. I want my own place, and-“ at this, he barks with amused laughter, “you know your Mum would never let me have girls over at yours.” James looks like he wants to argue, but Sirius overrides him.


“It’ll be great.”

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