Pink Green Blue

still too early to dream by Hourglass nomineeHourglass winnerandromeda311

Rating: G. Created: January 29th, 2008. Updated: January 29th, 2008. Read Reviews (15)
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(your vacant eyes begin to twinkle)

( it's still too early to dream. )

Sometimes, Molly hates Lily Potter.

She knows that it’s wrong to hate a dead woman, especially one so long dead and one who did so much for the entire world as a whole, but no amount of berating can convince her that she is happy for what the woman did.

When Molly was young, she learned a difficult lesson when her pet owl died - just because we love something or someone doesn’t render it immune. Love, no matter what the fairytales say, doesn’t protect people. But Lily’s love did. Lily Potter’s love saved her son’s life.

Molly Weasley’s love wasn’t enough for Fred.

Sometimes, Molly hates Lily Potter.



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