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Rating: PG. Created: January 26th, 2008. Updated: January 31st, 2008. Read Reviews (10)
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Both women are caught entirely off guard the first time it happens.

It’s been years—decades—since the last time they came face to face. There’s been times when they came close, of course, but, well—before the second war, one avoided the other like the plague, and after it ended, their roles were reversed.

Now, though, it’s been almost a decade since the fall of You-Know-Who, and it only takes one relaxed moment for things to change; just a second laughing as she leaves Eeylops and paying more attention to her grandson than to her surroundings, before she can look up and realize who’s standing right in front of her.

(not here, not now, not ever)

This is the closest she’s come to Narcissa in two and a half decades.

Andromeda thought she might have forgotten what she looks like after so long, with no pictures, no visits, no more than a fleeting glimpse of blonde hair and pale skin over the past twenty-five years. Now, though, she sucks in her breath sharply. She never realized how impossible it is to forget a sister’s face. It brings everything back in a rush.

They stand five feet apart, paralyzed. Diagon Alley bustles around them, but their world is absolutely still. Narcissa cradles a small, blonde infant in her arms, and Andromeda tightens her grip on nine-year-old Teddy’s hand. The boy knows not to fidget, but his shock of turquoise hair goes indigo, attracting more attention from the crowds than the frozen looks the pair exchanges.

Hesitantly, Narcissa opens her mouth to speak.

(not here, not now, not ever)

Fury rises in Andromeda without warning; the shock of this sudden meeting had silenced her mind and heart, but the reasons for avoiding her sister bubble up to the surface rapidly, before Narcissa can get in a word. Andromeda grinds her teeth together, and at the look in her eyes, Narcissa presses her lips back together, whatever she had planned to say dying on the tip of her tongue.

Warm brown hair swishes against stony features as Andromeda pushes past her younger sister with Teddy in tow; icy platinum strands falls over defeated eyes as Narcissa turns to watch them leave. Andromeda doesn’t look back, which is to be expected—she never has.

Everything’s different now; this brief moment has shattered the façade that avoidance would be possible in such an enclosed society. Wizarding Britain simply isn’t large enough.

Both know they’ll have to deal with this eventually.

(not here, now not, not ever)

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