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“who doesn’t long for someone to hold,
who knows how to love you without being told” –natasha bedingfield


    The dark rooms of the Slytherin Dungeon echoed with the secrets of its inhabitants. No other House was so good at keeping what must not be heard silent. The portraits, depicting famous Slytherins of the past, had never divulged what they overheard. It was something every Slytherin was proud of.

    The seeds of a new plot had just been sown, a plot more sinister than any that had been formed before. The portraits shook their heads in alarm, but their mouths remained shut. Lucius Malfoy knew that they could be trusted.

    “How can you be so sure your source is telling the truth?”

    Lucius turned his gaze to the sallow, dark-eyed face of Rodolphus Lestrange. “Don’t be foolish, Lestrange,” he said in his slow drawl. “There are ways of insuring sincerity.” Lestrange nodded.

    “So this is the time our parents have told us of!” A thin, black-haired woman breathed. “My mother spoke of the rise of a Dark Lord when I was a child!” Bellatrix Black’s face gleamed in appreciation, both terrible and beautiful at the same time.

    Lucius nodded. “His rise has begun, he is on the move. The Dark Lord wishes the first strike to be inside the walls of Hogwarts.” A murmur went through the small circle.

    “Inside Hogwarts, Malfoy?”

    “How can we…?”

    “With the professors watching our every move?”

    Bellatrix laughed, sending shivers down the spines of her peers. “Right under Dumbledore’s nose! This will make us immortal!” The others did not look as confident. “MacNair! Lestrange! Dolohov! Rookwood!” she snapped. “Surely you’re not scared of Dumbledore!”

    A pale girl, her long, white-blonde hair shimmering in the dimly lit dungeon, spoke. “Who are we to strike, Malfoy?”

    Bellatrix turned on her before Lucius could reply. “Who are we to strike? Narcissa, dear sister, we will strike them all! All the filthy Mudbloods that contaminate this school!” She spoke with such vehemence that even Lucius seemed alarmed.

    “The Dark Lord wishes the number to be small,” he said. Bellatrix sneered but remained silent. “We are not to act under any orders except his own.”

    “But who are to be the first?” Narcissa Black had not shifted her gaze from Lucius, even during her sister’s outburst.

    Lucius produced a tiny piece of parchment from his cloak and set it on the table before them. “Here are the names. Learn them now, and then we must destroy the parchment.” The group moved forward eagerly, their lips forming the names as they read them. When each had memorized the name, Lucius held the parchment up to a candle. They watched it burn until all that was left was dusty ashes.




    It was April, her favorite month, and it was pouring rain. They had been planning to go to Hogsmeade for tea today, but Mother Nature apparently disagreed. So instead, they were meeting for an early lunch in the Great Hall, before most people would be ready to eat. It had been so long since they had spent a good amount of time together – Lily thought maybe the last time had been before Christmas break.

    She had been waiting in the common room for a while now – almost fifteen minutes. He was never late like this: maybe some cute sentiment, like taking one last look in the mirror to make sure he looked perfect for her, was holding him up. She smiled at the thought. It was exactly something he would do.

    Another ten minutes passed and he still hadn't appeared on the stairs. This was getting a little absurd. She decided to go up and find him herself. She dashed up the stairs, pausing for a second before she turned the doorknob.

    In those first seconds she wondered why he was still in bed; he rarely slept in. But there he was, a big lump under scarlet covers. And then he started moving, and the covers slipped off, and she stared.

    His hands were touching,


                                                stroking every inch of a topless brunette. Hoarse moans escaped the girl's lips as he played with her breast.

    Standing in the doorway, she heard words from far away. He turned his head, one hand still on the brunette's breast, and she realized she must have spoken. His lips opened, forming her name, but a horrible static had filled her ears, deafening her. She fumbled with the door and stumbled back into the common room. Somehow she found the strength to climb the stairs to her room, and she collapsed onto her bed.

    They found her, hours later, lying on top of her bed, completely motionless. Her open eyes were staring up at the ceiling blankly. They took her to Sirius. He held her in his arms as she sobbed and sobbed and sobbed until she felt as if the tears would never stop falling.




    Sirius Black didn't know if he would ever be able to forgive his best friend for cheating on Lily Evans. After years of obsessive plotting to win Lily's heart, Sirius couldn't believe James had thrown it all away so...carelessly. And for – he shuddered at the thought – Celeste Bonham.

    It was true that Sirius was a bit of a heartbreaker. He couldn't deny that. He could, however, say that he had never been involved with someone as irreplaceable as Lily.

    He hadn't known his own feelings until That Night. It was in that moment, as she cried herself to sleep in his arms over his cheating, son of a bitch best friend that he realized that he was, undeniably and irreversibly, in love with Lily Evans. Not that he would ever admit to it. If James had come up to him and asked him to swear on his life that he didn't love her, he would have lied. That's what friendship meant.

    But his being a loyal friend didn't stop him from spending tormented nights dreaming of her. Fantasizing about her touch on his skin, her lips gently brushing against his. He would wake up in a hot sweat most nights, her imagined breaths against his neck still lingering. She was the only girl he confided in: she knew the most intimate details of each of his relationships, she knew the deepest hatred he had for his family, and she knew of the anguish he endured because of the void of emotion he felt whenever he passed his younger brother in the hallways of Hogwarts.

    Yet, for the first time in almost six years of uncensored confidence, Sirius found himself forbidden to tell Lily of his newest love. He was sure she would think it the ultimate betrayal of her innocence. He winced at all the moments she could warp into a desperate attempt at intimacy: all the hugs they'd shared, his quick pecks on her cheek, the hours they had spent lying on his bed listening to the Wireless. And even more appalling was the way he imagined she would begin to think of That Night. How he had held her at her most vulnerable, after her cautious heart had been ripped from her chest, when she felt her tears would never dry. He imagined how she would think of That Night was she to know of his feelings: he was sure she would look at it as a ploy to win her exposed affections.

    And so he pretended to think of her as only a friend, cherishing every hug and every kiss on the cheek more than she would ever know. Sirius hid his feelings. He was good at it; being the black sheep of the Black family – if you excused the pun – had given him more than enough practice.




    November came faster than anyone believed, leaving October in its dust, and before the students had a chance to enjoy the colorful autumn trees, Hogwarts’ grounds was already covered in a thick blanket of snow. The seventh and fifth years found themselves weighted down by the enormous amount of homework the professors were assigning them in preparation for the O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts.

    The Quidditch season was also in full swing and James, Sirius, and Lucy (who was Keeper for the Gyffindor team) found themselves spending every precious free moment practicing for the upcoming Slytherin vs. Gyffindor match. Marlene and Lily, deprived of their best friend, now joined up with Remus Lupin and the sad Pettigrew boy, who were also missing best friends.

    It was a snowy Saturday morning and the newly founded foursome were lounging around in the Gryffindor common room. Pettigrew was practicing the Disillusionment Charm on himself, producing the strange result of the boy’s upper body blending in with the scenery while his legs and feet stayed the same. Marlene was feverishly writing a long letter, already finishing her second page and showing no signs of slowing down. Across from her by the roaring fire, Lily and Remus were playing their fourth game of chess. Remus had just put Lily’s king in checkmate…again.

    “It really isn’t fair, Remus,” Lily said, smiling as she wiped the chessboard clean with a flick of her wand. “You obviously spend all those sick days of yours locked up in here practicing chess.”

    Remus laughed. “Caught me red-handed, Lil. Not up for a fifth, then?” Lily shook her head. The two sat opposite each other for a few minutes in silence, neither able to think of something to talk about. Their friendship was a new one, and had been formed from a lack of real friends. It was awkward. Finally, Lily’s eyes fell on an abandoned Daily Prophet.




    The fold in the paper obscured the article. Lily picked it up and began reading out loud.


The latest mysterious attacks on five Surrey Muggles have left the Ministry of   Magic in a state of confusion. Although the official word is that misdirected Silencing Charms caused these “accidents” – which struck each victim dumb – one source close to the Minister says quite the opposite.

“This is the first round of attacks that left some magical imprint on Muggles,” says the source, who asked to remain anonymous. “The Minister, along with the entire Ministry, fears that the ‘accidents’ are actually something much more sinister.” (Cont’d on page 3)


    “It’s very strange, isn’t it?” Lily said after a second.

    Remus nodded. “What I’d like to know,” he said slowly, “is what kind of curse those Muggles were put under. I can’t have been just a – what did they say? – a ‘misdirected Silencing Charm.’ Those are about the least threatening charms.”

    They fell silent again.

    “I wonder…” Remus said. He had a strange look on his face, and the lines on his forehead, already so pronounced from his perpetual sickness, were even more apparent than usual.

    “Wonder what?”

    “Well…right before we left for school, I think in early August, there was a rumor whispered in my town.” Remus looked as if he were struggling to remember the words. “A rumor that there was a great wizard roaming nearby – a great, but Dark wizard.”

    Lily shrugged. “But aren’t there always rumors like that going around? People are always looking for the next Grindelwald.”

    “About a week after I heard that rumor, three Muggles turned up dead in their dining room. A Mr. and Mrs. Riddle, and their son, if I’m remembering it right. Of course, all the Muggles in town thought it was something as basic as poison, but I heard my Mum and Dad talking that night.”

    “About the Dark wizard?”

    Remus nodded. “Dad seemed to think this wizard was behind it, that he had heard from the Aurors at work that there was an alarming rise lately in Muggle attacks and killings.”

    “They caught him though, didn’t they?” Lily said, her eyes wide. “They caught the bloke that killed those Muggles?”

    “Nope. They couldn’t even find any evidence to give them a lead on him. Dad moved him and Mum out of Little Hangleton about a month ago. Mum’s a Muggle – he didn’t want to take any chances that the wizard would come back for more.”

    Lily shuddered. It suddenly seemed much colder in the room, even with the roaring fire. She felt Remus’ eyes on her.

    “You’re Muggle-born, aren’t you?”

    She nodded.

    “I wouldn’t be worried, Lily,” he said softly, and Lily felt that he could read her thoughts. “You’re safe at Hogwarts, and you live close enough to London for your family to be safe. No one would try murder right under the Ministry’s nose.”

    Lily didn’t respond. Her eyes had turned to look out the window at the sunny grounds. It was strange to think of some evil wizard attacking helpless victims when everything around Hogwarts appeared so cheerful. The sun glistened off the white snow and the frozen lake. Far off, over the treetops of the Forbidden Forest, clusters of birds flittered about, their soft chirps only barely heard outside the castle walls. It was impossible to feel threatened by some nameless and faceless person here. Lily looked back at Remus. He was staring at the Daily Prophet again.

    “Anything else interesting?” Lily asked.

    Remus shook his head. “Just something about a werewolf attack. Some little kid’s been bitten.” He tried to say this casually, but Lily noticed a nasty, anguished look flash across his face. But it was gone before she could be sure it had ever even been there.


    “Poor kid,” he said. “Can’t imagine what kind of life he’ll have now.” And he stood up, smiling sadly at Lily, and disappeared up into the boys’ dormitory.

    Lily stayed in her seat long after he left. Pettigrew had apparently given up on the Disillusionment Charm. He was now sound asleep and snoring loudly on one of the sofas. Marlene had disappeared, probably to the Owlery to send her finished letter. Lily’s thoughts turned from the Dark wizard to Remus.

    Everyone had always wondered about his perpetual illness, but Lily seemed to be the only one who had noticed that his mysterious disease kept him bedridden only once a month, and on the night of the full moon. She was surprised that Sirius and Potter, who, although mischievous, were far from unintelligent, had not figured out what she suspected. The two spent almost all their time in the company of the sickly boy. How could they have failed to see what Lily thought was ridiculously obvious: Remus Lupin was a werewolf.




---sorry about the ridiculously long wait…I got back to school and had basically zero time for anything else besides lacrosse and school. Enjoy, though!

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