Pink Green Blue

Fair by Hourglass nomineedil_emma

Rating: R. Created: January 9th, 2008. Updated: February 1st, 2008. Read Reviews (8)
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"i miss you, you hurt me, you left with a smile." -kelly clarkson



"You fucking asshole."

James looked up, one hand still on the strange brunette's breast, to see her standing in the doorway. He flew up, but it was too late. The door slammed shut behind her, leaving James sitting on the bed in stunned silence. Celeste, still topless, snickered audibly.

"What a psycho," she said in her slow, high-pitched drawl. James's blood boiled. He picked her hot pink bra up off the floor and tossed it to her.

Get out," he whispered.

"C'mon, Jamesie, she's gone," Celeste simpered, making him shudder in anger. He exploded.


The girl was gone before the sentence was finished, leaving the door wide open as she bolted out. James sat on the edge of his bed, truly alone for the first time in his life.



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