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Lilly Potter and the Dark Descendant by snowfairy11730

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Chapter 3



“Bye Mr. Kocker,” said a small eight-year-old girl with short raven colored hair. “, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“See you tomorrow Lilly.” Mr. Kocker replied. “Don’t forget to do your home-work.”


Lilly smiled and started outside for recess. At seven Lily was already at a fifth-grade level in math, which earned her a lot of ridicule from her classmates.


The school hadn’t had any idea how talented Lilly was at math until just recently.  She had never really given them a reason for them to think she was smart. Math was the only subject she was remotely interested in. All the rest she considered a waste of time.


She frequently cut class and sometimes didn’t show up for school for days at a time. Besides math Lilly never did her homework.


She had a mental list of things she thought were a waste of time, school, most people, and homework.


She started down the hall. BAM! Lily was slammed into the wall, but quickly recovered and started down the hall again. Most people would have stayed down from the force of the blow, but Lilly was used to it. Lilly’s classmates had broken down into to groups, the kids who slammed the Potter kids into the wall and those who avoided them all together.


When Lilly got out to the playground she started looking for Albus. She spotted a large group of kids cheering things like “Kick his butt” and “Teach him a lesson”.


Found him, she thought. Lilly started pushing through the crowd.


When she finally got to the middle she saw three fourth grade boys standing in a circle pushing a black-eyed Albus to each other like playing a game of hot potato.


Lilly started running and rammed into a boy with his back to her. The boy hit the ground hard and Lilly heard his wrist snap.


She wasted no time in turning on the boy who currently had a hold of her brother. She ran forward and pushed the boy down before kicking him hard in the gut.


Two down, one to go, Lilly thought turning to the final boy only to find that the coward had started to run away. Lilly simply sighed in aggravation; cowards and tattle-tales were also on her list of wastes.


“You okay Al,” she asked walking over to her brother as the crowed dispersed.


“Yeah, just a black-eye, it’ll heal.” He started into a coughing fit.


“You okay,” Lilly often worried about her brother’s asthma.


Albus went into another coughing fit that lasted another minute. “I’m fine,” he finally managed to wheeze.


“Al, I think you should head over to the nurse’s office,” Albus’ forced breathing was starting to worry her.


When he didn’t reply Lilly took him firmly by the shoulders, “Al. Al.”


Suddenly Albus stopped breathing and dropped to the ground. “ALBUS! Somebody help!” Lilly shouted sinking to her brother’s side.





Lilly woke with a start and fell on the floor of a long room similar to the dorms in her foster home.


“Ouch,” Lilly said pushing herself onto her knees and looked around. James sat on a chair at her bedside. “Jamee, where the hell am I?” All she remembered was everything blacking out on the train.


“The infirmary,” came a voice behind them. “Miss Malfoy’s injury wasn’t serious to be brought to me, but you Miss Potter had quite a bump on the noggin. I’m Madam Pomfrey, the school healer, and may I say a fight is not the best way to start at a new school.”


“It certainly isn’t,” Uttered James. Lilly could tell by his tone that he was still angry with her. “Lilly you promised that you wouldn’t get in any more fights.”


“I know James, but Malfoy called this girl Kyra, you know the Native American, a savage. I couldn’t just let her get away with that!” Lilly explained.


James smiled to himself. Even if he was disappointed in his sister, he had to admit he was happy that she was finally making friends. “Fine, I’ll let you of the hook this time. Now come on we’ll be able to get you down there in time for sorting.”


Lilly smiled forcing herself to get up from the floor, her head pounding. “Awesome!”


A/N: Sorry this chapter is so short, but I relly wanted to get this updated.


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