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Rating: PG-13. Created: June 7th, 2007. Updated: September 5th, 2007. Read Reviews (48)
Disclaimer: Characters, the magical world, etc, is property of J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros, not the owner of this fic.




Of the fifty first years in 1971, only four boys are sorted into Gryffindor. James and Sirius become fast friends, drawn together by the way their personalities exponentially expand and exaggerate in the presence of the other. They latch onto Remus, whose stability tempers their combustion just the right amount and allows them to create fireworks instead of explosions.

Peter is the other Gryffindor boy, and by virtue of being in the room he's granted admission so no one's left out. Eventually the other three will forget this detail, but Peter will remember that his initial inclusion was merely honorary.




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