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Rating: PG-13. Created: April 12th, 2007. Updated: October 1st, 2007. Read Reviews (144)
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Puzzle Pieces  


Author's Note: I have conformed to the growing trend and am creating a collection of drabbles and/or little fics that have no other home but that I deem worthy enough of seeing the light of day somewhere. =) Some may be the result of prompts from lj comms or something like that, but some may well just have sprung from my head.

There's not going to be any specific pairing, genre, time period, or anything of the sort, although I think many of you probably know what I tend to write. Unless explicitly stated, they aren't interconnected, either; they're just individual little pieces that had no place on their own. 

=) Enjoy.


o1. Blue Christmas

Word Count: 100

Pairing: Remus/Tonks


She looked very young when she did that, he thought. When she stuck her hands inside her pocket and swayed back and forth dreamily, singing a carol and letting her long red hair wave like a fan as she tossed her head, she looked terribly young – young, festive, happy and alive.

She looked plenty of things he wasn’t, and the familiar feeling of irresponsible guilt caused him to lower his gaze to the ground. He could not, for the life of him, figure out how it was Nymphadora Tonks made him feel so miserable and so wonderful all at once.


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