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Rating: PG-13. Created: February 15th, 2007. Updated: March 17th, 2007. Read Reviews (33)
Disclaimer: Characters, the magical world, etc, is property of J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros, not the owner of this fic.

Author's Note: The idea for this just seemed to come out of nowhere and I could not resist the urge to write it. Unlike most of my things it is not a oneshot -- there will be another one or two short chapters. Why break it up into chapters instead of keeping it one long one-shot? I don't know. It seemed fitting. And I think I want to play with point-of-view.

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“Do you hate me?”

Sirius stared at her in confusion, then glanced over his shoulder suspiciously. Quite clearly, this was a trap. There was absolutely no other explanation for the way Lily had suddenly appeared in his path, popping out of nowhere like a bloody wild flower. It was a trap, plain and simple, no doubt crafted by a criminal mastermind, and in no time at all Lily was going to knock him out with one of the massive tomes she always seemed to be carrying around. She’d drag him kicking and screaming into a dark corner somewhere, lecturing him about being a good student, being responsible, not losing House points, the evils of alcohol, sex and everything else fun, until eventually he chewed off his own hands to escape or otherwise killed himself.

Perhaps the last part had been overkill. Perhaps she was not intent on killing him so quickly. No, that did not quite match Lily’s feminine wiles – it was more likely she’d simply sink her claws deeper and deeper into James until Sirius killed them both (because death would be the only merciful antidote for James, and because really, if she led him to kill his best friend, why should Sirius let her live?).

Seeing no one in any direction did not satisfy Sirius’ suspicions, though he turned back to face her. He had hidden under an Invisibility Cloak himself far too many times to trust the naked eye.

She was staring at him, her arms folded, looking like the absolutely atrociously fun-murdering wench of a Head Girl she was, and he realized he had absolutely no idea what she’d even said to him.

“What?” he asked.

“Do you hate me?” she repeated promptly.

“I—well—” Sirius hesitated. Yes, that clarified it, James was around here somewhere under that damned cloak of his, ready to leap out and denounce their friendship in the name of love, Lily, and good sex.

He considered what it meant to hate. He hated his mum, Snape, and Voldemort. He didn’t hate Lily. He just happened to dislike her.

A lot.

“I don’t, no,” he said.

To his surprise, Lily simply sighed and let her arms fall to her sides. “You do,” she decided.

Partially in fear of James, Sirius was quick to refute the accusation. “I don’t hate you,” he argued lamely.

“You don’t have to lie,” she said, shaking her head. “James isn’t here, he has nothing to do with this.”

Sirius watched her skeptically. “Oh really?


Sirius smirked. Ms. Evans was novice, at best, in the fine art of lying. “I suppose, then,” he said, “there’s no issue with me doing this.

With a grand gesture he leaned forward and swiped his arm through the air around him and Lily in order to pull of James’ Invisibility Cloak in one swift motion.

Unfortunately, there was no cloaked James for him to unveil. When he’d finished his full turn and was still unable to close his hand around anything, he felt thoroughly stupid.

Lily stared at him as though he was absolutely insane.

“What are you doing?”

He returned her stare, then dropped his arm back to his side. “I suppose there’re still some things James hasn’t told his beloved, then,” he muttered, more to himself than to the girl in front of him.

“What?” she asked again. “Anyway, Sirius, I’m not here to talk about James. I want to talk about us.”

He smirked at her. “I wasn’t aware there was an ‘us’.

“You’re his best friend, I’m his girlfriend. There is an ‘us’, whether you like it or not.”

Sirius frowned, unable to find a way to deny this unavoidable truth, and said nothing.

Look,” said Lily. “I know we haven’t had exactly the greatest history together—“

Sirius recalled shoving her into the lake for being nosy. He also recalled her calling him an arrogant, inbred arsehole and telling him that she hoped he got eaten by the Giant Squid.

“—but I think the time has come that we let bygones be bygones and make amends.”

With a hint of resignation, Sirius sighed. As willing as he was to accept the idea that Lily Evans would be out of his life soon enough, in reality it was not a very likely prospect. She and James had been together nearly three months now and, as best Sirius could tell, they had yet to return from their sickening love cruise to cloud nine. They were on a perpetual honeymoon and though Sirius was reluctant to admit it, they made each other happy.

James had been grinning so consistently that Peter had expressed a concern that his face would stick like that.

“You’re right,” he allowed, nodding. “I’m not trying to come between the two of you. I don’t think I’d be much of a friend if I did.”

Looking slightly reassured, Lily nodded. “And I certainly – well, I certainly don’t want to interfere with your friendship.” She laughed awkwardly. “I think I’d lose, anyway.”

Sirius disagreed, but he chose to keep that to himself.

“Right, then.” He ran a hand through his hair awkwardly, eager to be out of her presence. In the past, he could cope by throwing an insult or four her way; now that James absolutely demanded civility, Sirius preferred to avoid the situation all together. “Amends made. It was, ah, nice speaking to you, Evans.”

With as courteous a smile he could manage to the female antithesis of everything he believed in (fun, namely), Sirius slid around her and continued down the hall.Lily turned around after him, extending an arm. “Sirius! Wait!”

Oh, bugger.

He spun on his heel, staring at her. “What?”

“I—um—” She shoved a piece of hair behind her ear and took a deep breath. “I’d like to be friends. I know we’ve never gotten along, but – well – James thinks the world of you, Sirius, he really does, and I think – I think it’s only fair that I try to figure out why. And I think if you got to know me, too, you’d realize I’m not just some horrible demon bitch bent on stealing all your best friend’s time.” She grinned a little. “Come with me to Hogsmeade this Saturday? We can just – talk. Get to know each other. If James likes the both of us so much, we must have something in common. And in any case, he’d love it if the two of us could get along.”

An entire Saturday in Hogsmeade with his mate’s girl was not exactly Sirius’ ideal weekend. Besides that, his mate’s girl was Lily Evans and that in and of itself made the whole situation unappealing.

But she was right on one count – James would love it if the two of them could be friends, even get along. And while he owed Lily Evans no favours, he owed James more than he could count.

He sighed. “Fine. Saturday it is.”

Her face broke into a smile and she nodded. “Wonderful. I think – I think we’ll like each other, Sirius, if we just give each other a chance.” With that, she turned and vanished down the hall.

Standing there, Sirius shook his head.

The things I do for friendship.

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