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Rating: PG. Created: July 12th, 2006. Updated: May 26th, 2007. Read Reviews (4)
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For why I've chosen epistolary form to pen my story: I have wanted to write a story of this nature for many years now. Dear Venny, Dear Saffron is one of my all-time favourite novels, and I hope that I can do the concept justice. Note that the rating is likely to increase as I write, though it may not happen for some time. In any case, enjoy – and let's hope I can actually sustain it for a full story! *chuckles*

* * *


Letter #1

Miss V. Adams

Salem Witches’ Institute

Salem, Massachussetts


January 16th 2006

* * * 


I have to admit that I have never done something like this before – writing to someone I’ve never met, that is. I’ve never really had the opportunity to. Most of the penfriend organisations here cater mostly to Muggles, not witches and wizards – the International Statute of Secrecy has never applied to the Australian magical community for whatever reason, but I prefer to keep my magical status a secret, even from my Muggle friends. And I am not about to risk slipping up in a letter to a Muggle, so I tend to stay well away.

Anyway. I suppose I’d better give you an idea of who I am. My name is Melinda Trevithick, and I’m 16 years old. I’ll be 17 in a couple of months. My birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th. I’ll be starting my second-last year of school at the Twofold Bay School of Magical Arts in two weeks’ time. My school is in Australia, in a town called Eden – Eden is about five-and-a-half hours south of the city of Sydney. I don’t live in Eden, though – I live in a whole different state, in a town called Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise is a bit less than one hour south of Brisbane, which is the state capital of Queensland. I love it here, and I honestly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I have three sisters and two brothers – my sisters are called Kellie, Melissa and Naomi, and my brothers are called Asher and Blake. Kellie and Asher are both older – Kellie is 25 and Asher is 19 – and Naomi and Blake are younger – Naomi is 14 and Blake is 11. Melissa and I are fraternal twins.

School is…interesting, I’ll say that much. I went to a Muggle primary school before I started at Twofold Bay, and even though I grew up around magic it was a bit of a shock, I’l tell you that much! Our school colours are maroon and light blue, and we wear ordinary Muggle school uniforms under our robes – skirts or dress pants and blouses for the girls, and trousers and shirts for the guys. Pretty straightforward. I’m in Grosvenor House, as are Kellie and Melissa – our House colour is green, and our animal is a python. We have a lot of creative people in Grosvenor – lots of musicians, artists, photographers, the works. The school itself is located on the edge of a bay (hence the name), so a lot of us go swimming when the weather’s warm enough, and of course when we have free time. My favourite subjects are Arithmancy, Charms and History of Magic, but I absolutely can’t stand Potions. This is despite the fact that Potions is by far and away my best subject. Just because I’m good at a subject doesn’t mean I have to like it. My mum was the same when she was at school, only she hated Transfiguration (which I suck at, seriously). Same with my dad. I’m planning on becoming either a jillaroo on one of the outback dragon stations, or a teacher. My family has a long history in Quidditch, but that’s Asher’s forte – he’s a Chaser for the Townsville Taipans, a team in North Queensland. I’m not half bad at it (I’m a reserve Beater for my House team), but I don’t really like the idea of it as a career.

School isn’t my whole life, though. I love music, reading, watching Muggle films, painting, dancing, swimming and surfing. My favourite band is an American Muggle group called Fall Out Boy, though I’ve heard whispers that one of their members is a wizard. I’m not one to put much stock in rumours, though, so until the band themselves comes out and confirms it then I’m just going to ignore it. Though I doubt they’ll do something like that, so whatever. My favourite film is called Dating The Enemy – it’s an Australian film, and while it’s fairly old it’s still good for a bit of mindless entertainment. I’m not much for romantic or dramatic films, unlike a certain sister. Melissa’s mad about those kinds of films. She’s bonkers if you ask me.

I suppose I should wind this up now. My mum wants me to help her with dinner, so I reckon I’d better not keep her waiting. Hope to hear back from you soon.


P.S. When I start school again, I’ll give you my school address, but until then here is my home address:

Melinda Trevithick

86 Paradise Island Dr

Surfers Paradise, Queensland


* * *

Letter the second: Vanessa receives her first letter from Melinda, and her reply elicits more questions than Melinda knows how to ask... 

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